Life upon Life

God’s Word and people are the two things that will last forever. Each of us will have a last day on earth, and we have no idea when that will be. Doesn’t it make sense then, as a believer of Jesus, to give your life and time to people that will last forever?

This study is all about that very thing!  We will study Scriptures that encourage and equip us to build our lives into people with eternity in mind.

The study will not only equip us to pass on the truth of Scriptures to others, but we will be receiving a deeper sense of our own worth and value to God as we study.  There will be practical exercises and assignments given over the course of eight weeks that will challenge us to get outside of our comfort zones and ‘call out the gold’ we see in others.

We will take a look at both Old and New Testament people who went before us and paved the way to greater understanding of what life-upon-life truly means.

This study will help us to build a solid foundation of disciple-making—the very thing Jesus called us to as He ascended from the earth after His resurrection.