Curate & Flourish

Our trajectory as believers is forward and not backward. In other words, the Lord intends for us to flourish.

The goal of this study is to dig deep into God’s Word and to curate or organize, select, and present the truth we have personally studied.  From our curating, we are better equipped to flourish in our spiritual journey with Jesus.

Someone has said that we become what we behold.

There is simply no escaping the fact that we’re conformed to what we focus on.

What are you focusing on?  Is it your personal desire to flourish spiritually?  If that is your goal, if you want to know joy and peace and to be a fruitful disciple of Jesus, it is important that you are a woman of the Word.

The word flourish conveys what life in Christ is meant to be—enjoying the Lord and living for Him; it’s serving with gladness and knowing Christ as our greatest delight.  Is this the testimony of your life? Would you say that you have a flourishing lifestyle?

Come join us for this 6-week journey of deeper discovery of Jesus as we unpack the story of the woman at the well, and from there move on to Biblical identity and personal growth as we tackle the issues of life that try to weigh us down.