2018 "Your Story Matters" Conference


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Choose Joy Bible Study – A GREAT BIG THANK YOU!!

We’d like to give a great big THANK YOU to the following people for donating their time, talents and energy to Flourish. It truly takes an entire community to keep Flourish going and we are so grateful for your partnership with us. We love you!

TEACHING: Marjie Schaefer

WORSHIP TEAM AM: Elijah Mayanja, PM: Lynne Vandergiessen

POWERPOINT, SOUND AND VIDEO: Vickie Adair (Lead), Marce Nance, Katherine de Quillettes, Luke Schaefer

PRAYER TEAM: Patricia Sieh (Lead), Beth Salaguinto, Cheryl Manning, Deanna Richards, Deb Frolander, Debbie Smith, Elizabeth Lambert, Gerri Omli, Jodi Thorsen, Joyce Sieben, Katherine Dequillettes, Lisa Kregarud, Patti Heindel, Sherrie Snyder

MORNING TABLE LEADERS: Alicia Zyskowski, Amy Bowlen, Becky Omli, Carol Odom, Cheryl MacDonald, Cheryl Manning, Cindy Flynn, Denise Ibrahim, Hilde Fischer, Jodi Milner, Jodi Thorsen, Julia Nimagadda, Leah Wendel, Lindie Freed, Lora Vandergiessen, Lori King , Maria Christie, Melody Van Peursem, Pam Green, Pamela Young, Patricia Sieh, Shannon Bargreen, Sloane Rogers, Stephanie Cohrs

EVENING TABLE LEADERS: Adina Duke, Andrea Clement, AnneMarie Henry, Barb Gopen, Beth Salaguinto, Brittany Hall, Christine Hall, Deanna Richards, Elisa Anderson, Jeannine Berger, Julie Lindsay, Kerri Patterson, Kristi Kapioski, Leigh Laird, Lisa McKenney , Lynne Vandergiessen, Madi Dill, Nan Colton, Nancy Hutchison, Pamela Yeo, Patricia Solvang, Patti Heindel, Teresa Bachelor, Trisha Baker

OFFSITE LEADERS: Suzette Bard/Tammy Esparza (Leavenworth), Janine Ridings (Online), Susan Heid (Pacific Beach)

GREETERS/USHERS: AM: Lora Vandergiessen (Lead), Kathy Dubois, Nicole Sanchez, Julie Pitta, Alison Kolker, PM: Teri Batchelor (Lead), Hannah Bennett, Laurie Simmons, Trisha Baker

 REGISTRATION: Melody Van Peursem (Lead), Ruth Vaughan, Trisha Baker, Kristi Knowles

FLOURISH TABLE: Leah Wendel (Lead), Monica Swett, Kristi Knowles

MORNING CHILDCARE: Kerri Patterson (Lead), Debbie Metsker, Faith Hacking, Heather Spiva, Jessica Brown, Kristen Crouch, Rachel Sanchez, Yvette Bender

REFRESHMENTS, ROOM SET UP, CLEAN UP: AM: Vera Reidy, PM: Kerri Patterson, Nan Colton

GRAPHICS: Lisa McKenney

 DÉCOR: Julie Pitta, Alison Kolker

ROOM SET UP: James Laird, Michael Laird, Luke Schaefer, Matthew Schaefer, Rob Knowles, Kristi Knowles

 WEBSITE: Vince Quilantang

 BOOKKEEPING: Elizabeth Guy