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Inheritance – The Living Christ is our Living Hope

Stay tuned for our upcoming in-person Bible Study though 2 Peter in March, 2022.

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A study through 1 Peter

1 Peter is chock-full of these topics:

  • Faith, hope, and love
  • Grace
  • Trials
  • Holiness
  • The importance of the Word for daily life
  • Loving each other
  • Marriage
  • Submission
  • Employee-employer relationships
  • The church

Just to name a few!  No matter your status in life, this book has something for you in it!  We will spend one week on each chapter, but we are barely dipping our toe into the waters of 1 Peter.  This study is designed to be a weekly study on each of the densely-packed chapters, lasting for 5 weeks in the large group and 5 weeks for your personal study to be shared at your discussion groups.

Come join us as we unpack this amazing letter from Peter, the disciple who was an eyewitness to everything Jesus said and did!