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Marjie Schaefer believes the Word of God is relevant, powerful, transformational, and life-giving to every single human being on the planet. She has spent her life investing in others and inviting them to join her in this pursuit of deeper truth.

As a result of her passion and pursuit, she has spent decades teaching women of all ages how to dig into the Word of God, and how to mine the treasures of it for themselves. She started in college and has continued on as a wife and mom, opening her heart and her home to those who hunger and thirst for more of God and His Word in their lives.

Marjie currently leads the ministry, Flourish Through The Word, which is a community of women in the greater Seattle region committed to being equipped through God’s Word. At her Bible studies over 45 churches in our region are represented by the women attending. As a result of their time together in the Word, the women then move out into their arenas of influence, shining their lights for Jesus.

Marjie has published several Bible studies over the years, several of which are now available on Amazon.

Marjie married her college sweetheart (go Cougs!), Steve, and together they have four children: a daughter Hayley, a son Jordan, and twin sons, Matthew and Luke. Their family life is characterized by lots of laughter and lots of grace for one another! At the center of it all is their fifth ‘child’, a dog named Spike!

Our ministry's mission & vision

The mission and purpose of the ministry is to communicate transforming truth and transferrable concepts that will surge forward and spread from one believer to another; seeing God’s Word go, grow and change, creating a domino effect that brings true and lasting revival.

The reason for this is the desire to see women walk in their God-given, God-ordained authority, power and victory, keeping the enemy under their feet by becoming more Biblically literate. We desire to see women understand the Spirit-led life and to naturally step into their God-given destinies and purposes, causing them to flourish.

As the people of God flourish, the Kingdom of God is able to advance through them. When the people of God (the Church) are characterized by struggles, defeat, discontentment, disillusionment and lack of joy, our Gospel message is not appealing to a hurting world. God has chosen ‘broken vessels’ to be carriers of His message, however, His plan is that His people will ‘flourish like a palm tree’ (Psalm 92:12), and have ‘life and life abundantly’ (John 10:10).

We believe the way the people of God flourish is first and foremost, by having a living, vibrant, personal and saving relationship with Jesus Christ. This is the foundation upon which all other aspects of the flourishing life are built. Jesus is the rock solid foundation on which we can live exuberantly. We believe the second most foundational way to flourish is by having a life saturated by the Word of God. When ones’ life is saturated by something, all other areas of life are touched and transformed by the dominant theme. Therefore, at Flourish Through the Word Ministries, everything we do will be central to the Word of God and reflective of His Word.

The vision (the point of the mission) is to have a dynamic Bible-teaching and equipping national/international ministry reaching thousands weekly through: inductive Bible teaching and studies, engaging small groups, prayer, ministry through friendship and service to others, powerful worship, and take-home studies, reminders and visual aids.

evergreen church

Flourish Through the Word is so grateful for the tremendous support and generous hospitality of Evergreen Church! What an incredible staff and community! I hope you will get a chance to visit and hear from Pastor Phil and our amazing worship team and experience all that Evergreen is offering. All are welcome. Please visit Evergreen’s website for more information about how you can get involved. EvergreenChurch.tv